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The King’s is an industry leader in commercial cleaning processes for large, complex facilities.

We have brought innovation to bear on traditional janitorial practices, featuring scientific measurement, process engineering, standardized cleaning equipment and supplies, industry leadership, and extensive training for supervisors and janitorial staff.

The King’s Operation System (TKOS) distills the science and engineering of Cleaning for Health into a simple leadership and training process for commercial cleaning. The TKOS Academy and Training Camps are a hands-on, fun educational experiences that reinvigorate front-line team members and management alike.

We have documented many Success Stories that demonstrate quantitative improvements in facility air quality. The TKOS Academy, followed by benchmarks and audits, supports a high level of quality control and assurance (QC/QA).

The King’s delivers Intelligent Cleaning for Health in two ways — full-service contracts where our people are deployed under our supervision — or as a consulting solution where our clients retain the hiring and supervision of facility cleaning personnel, through our TKOS Academy, leadership, metrics and periodic audits.

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