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The King’s Story

Founded in 1982 by a Covenant Theological Seminary student, The King’s window cleaning service was owned and operated by graduate students working their way through seminary. For many years, The King’s cultivated the art of service by cleaning residential windows and gutters.

Over the years, The King’s changed hands among a number of seminary students at Covenant. In 1999, Brian Howard sold The King’s to Paul Cagle, a first-year seminary student.

Paul enjoyed his seminary experience, and yet he realized that his true calling is to build and operate a world-class service company. To make that happen, The King’s needed a core of service-minded staff members who possess a positive attitude and the commitment to put the needs of others ahead of their own.

Hiring Covenant graduate students, along with others who shared our desire to love and serve others, we found success built on the simple idea of service to our clients, one another and the community. Our aim from the beginning has been to:

  • Deliver extraordinary service to clients by meeting their needs and helping them take care of their property;
  • Provide a community of trust and dependability between our staff and our clients; and
  • Offer quality employment to the staff of The King’s, while enabling employees to reach their personal goals.

Through the actions of so many colleagues over the years, our clients have experienced our genuine regard for them and their property.

St Louis Missouri

Commercial Expansion

In 2004, The King’s expanded its services to include the cleaning and care of commercial buildings. Based on its years of success in the St. Louis area, The King’s opened a second office in Houston, Texas in 2008 and a third office in Columbus, Ohio in 2012. As we grow, our goals remain the same, regardless of the size of the client.

Since its inception, The King’s has always considered it a privilege to serve others. We have also realized that the key to serving our clients is exactly that: Serving. We believe that God has made man in His image and that by serving our clients well we are able to reflect part of that image.

Our story is still a young one, with many more chapters to be written. However, it is our hope that this central theme will continue to run throughout The King’s story: “Serving God well by serving others well.”