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Church School Clean for Health

Paul Cagle
Best Practices, Success Stories

Case Study: Church educational wing and child care center.

Facility: Approximately 20,000 sq. ft. two-story education building on church property located in a residential community near Houston.

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Scientific Study: 75-day study on the status of 0.3 micron levels of indoor air particulates. The initial indoor air quality (IAQ) test was conducted in March 2013 and The King’s cleaning for health team began cleaning in April. Progress audit was conducted June 28. Testing equipment used was professional-grade, typical in laboratories, clean rooms, pharmacies, and hospitals. Multiple samples were taken.

After only 75 cleaning days, harmful air particulates down to 0.3 microns were reduced by 87% on the first floor and 88% on the second floor.

Situation: The health of children and their teaching staff is a high priority for church leaders and educators. This congregation was concerned about high levels of 0.3 micron airborne particulates, known to cause or exacerbate respiratory problems, especially among children. Examples of 0.3 micron airborne particulates include: dust, dust mites, dust mite feces, dead skin cells, the H1N1 virus, fungal and mold spores, and many harmful bacteria.

Solution: Over the 75-day period of this study, we implemented The King’s Operation System (TKOS) with particular emphasis on these strategies:

  • Cleaning staff were graduates of the TKOS Training Camp
  • Each cleaning team member was trained as a specialist and provided standardized equipment and materials for their area,
  • Managed filtration on our 4-level filter back pack vacuums,
  • Dusted with microfiber cloths and duster covers,
  • Mopped with microfiber flat mops and double sided mop bucket system, and
  • Laundered cleaning cloths and mop heads at specific frequencies.

Long-term benefits affect the overall real estate investment value. The life expectancy of building assets, such as carpet, hard floor surfaces, paint, computers, servers, etc. is increased.

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