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Elementary School in Houston, Texas Reduced Air Pollutants Including Mold By 76.2%

Paul Cagle
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Indoor Air Quality Impact Study: Summary

This elementary school in a Texas ISD is a 98,000 sq ft public school with 48 classrooms, various common areas and an administrative area that contains the principal’s office and a clinic room.

Prior to this air quality study, school classrooms ranged from 28% up to to 104% of the recommended limit of human exposure to air pollution*.

Average was 61% of the recommended limit of exposure to air pollution, across nine benchmark locations in the school. This is considered to be a high or very high exposure to air pollutants, especially for children.

In the first 30 days of this study, air pollutants were reduced 76.2% overall.

And in the classroom where pollutants exceeded the recommended limit, the reduction was 92.3%: from 104% down to 2%.

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