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Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Redefining “Clean” for large and complex facilities

The King’s delivers a comprehensive facility cleaning service, based on The King’s Operation SystemIntelligent Cleaning for Health, tailored to these organizational and facility types:

Educational | Religious | Health Care  | Commercial and Office | Data Centers | Post-Construction Clean Up | Special Events

Facility Maintenance Services

As an added value, we provide maintenance and light maintenance services to facility managers.

15 Years of Cleaning for Health Innovation

TKOS is a comprehensive management and operation system for large facility cleaning that produces a cleaner, healthier indoor environment, often at significant cost savings. Since the early 2000s, we have seen revolutionary innovation in the facility cleaning industry.

Scientific measurement can now quantify the presence of indoor air pollutants within building interiors, and then track improvement. Re-engineered cleaning systems enable us to eradicate these pollutants down to a microscopic size of 0.3 microns.

Business process engineering empowers facility and janitorial managers to implement change with confidence.

TKOS distills the science and engineering of Cleaning for Health into a simple leadership and training process.

Metrics and periodic audits deliver the evidence that management can believe in: improved health and wellness, cost savings and long-term enhancement of your real estate and facility investment. The life expectancy of building assets, such as carpet, hard floor surfaces, paint, computers, servers, etc. is increased.

Read more about the TKOS Solution for specific facility types here:

Educational | Religious | Health Care | Commercial and Office | Data Centers | Post-Construction Clean Up | Special Events