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Cleaning Service for Commercial and Office

The King’s delivers a comprehensive facility cleaning service for commercial and office based on The King’s Operation System (TKOS) – Intelligent Cleaning for Health.

Consulting. Alternatively, we provide TKOS as a consulting solution, where you retain the hiring and supervision of facility cleaning personnel, while we provide the processes, leadership and training through our TKOS Academy, metrics and periodic audits.

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Reduction in Air Pollutants

Cleaning for Health

Up to 30% of adults and 40% of children are affected by allergic rhinitis, according to a report by the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Airborne viruses, dust, dust mites, fungal growth and various pathogenic micro-organisms cause devastating loss of health and productivity.

Chronic illness leads to absenteeism and presenteeism – decreased effectiveness while present at work – which costs U.S. employers a whopping $1trillion in lost productivity every year.





Dust Mites

Dust & Dust Mites

What owners and facility managers can do now

The King’s Operation SystemCleaning for Health – provides employers and facility managers with the science, engineering and controls for success.

“Effective cleaning is the most fundamental activity we can employ to create healthy conditions where modern society spends the vast majority of their lives,” said Dr. Michael Berry, former deputy director of the EPA National Center for Environmental Assessment.

Cleaning your building for health is the most fundamental action an employer can take to provide your people with a healthy environment in which to live, work, study and play.

Let’s face it, people spend the vast majority of their lives indoors and with the knowledge that approximately 30% of the adult population suffers from some type of respiratory disorder, such as allergies or asthma, it shouldn’t be ignored any longer. A clean indoor environment fosters good health and makes happier tenants, who are more productive with absence from work.